Not known Factual Statements About sonicare brush heads

I like my Sonicare toothbrush, but I absolutely detest how you are nickel-and-dimed Together with the substitute brush heads. This is actually the main reason why I had waited months for a longer time than I should have to replace my very last, very worn down brush head, which realistically ought to have set out to pasture a very long time back. When I found these alternative brush heads, I had been a tad skeptical initially, but I figured, "just what the heck".

To start with, the packaging. The comb heads are available a rectangular box, individually packaged in smaller containers. This is certainly brilliant. These are simple to store, and what sonic care toothbrush head is a lot more significant, simple to open. No blister packaging! 2nd, the looks. To my eye, they look practically similar to the Phillips OEM heads. Additionally they match beautifully on my electric brush. They don't seem to be unfastened, they usually operate just as well as the "real" matter. Last but not least, as with the brushing knowledge: I find it irresistible. These brush heads seem to be medium to delicate. They feel good when brushing, they dont come to feel harsh in the slightest degree. This is crucial, mainly because I have very delicate enamel, so challenging brushes just destroy me.

All in all, I've to give these items five stars. The cost can't be beat, (after all, you might be acquiring twelve replacements for what it usually charges to buy just 1 or 2 within the food market); They're straightforward to open, they function flawlessly, and they sense great when making use of them. I will absolutely obtain additional After i have run out of these!

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